the hustle and Bustle of Valentine’s and Mother’s Day

Phewwww!!! What a mad few months we have had in the shop lately, not that we can complain because we love to be busy, and we have definitely been busy bees.

Lets start with the ‘Red Rose Madness’ that is Valentines.. over 200 red naomi roses, hours of wrapping and a mound of romantic messages written, gave us a very beautiful February and some very happy and suprised customers.

It always excites us in the shop when we get Valentine’s orders to know what romantic messages will be written and to see the suprised faces when we delivery the bouquets. We just enjoy living our lives through other peoples beautiful relationships.

This year we had a gentleman walk in to buy flowers for his wife, very sweet, but whilst waiting for the bouquet to be made up, he also took hold of a single red rose wrapped up in the shop, and asked for this too as he wanted to give it to his daughter. Now if that doesnt make your heart melt, I don’t know what will! Just adorable!

This just shows that behind all this mass of gifts and love hearts, there is a meaning behind this day, and its showing people that you love, that someone cares for them.

Mothering Sunday….

Personally, my favourite time of year in the shop. Yes it is stressful and I cannot control the madness, but its the way all our customers come together to thank Mother’s in their whole family. It is just a beautiful day, and I love to spoil my Mum. She is an incredible women and an inspritation to me. She has to deal with my stress day in and day out and yet she is always there to support me and my shop.

We had over 80 bouquets go out this year and cannot thank all of customers enough for their support! We could not run this business the way we do without our regulars and of course those new customers too. The beauty of Myrtle and Mint is that everything is personal: so when you buy flowers from us, you choose the flowers yourself, you choose what colours and what style that loved one wants and you write a personal message. This to me, means a lot and it just doesnt get any better than that!

All this being said, I certianly could not have had such a brilliant time in the shop on these mad days without 5 things: chocolate, Sandra & Karen and my Mum & Dad! It is all about a good team and I will always respect the hard work each and everyone of them put into this little shop!