Three years and still going…

On Tuesday 1st May 2018 it was 3 years since we took over Myrtle and Mint. And what an amazing adventure it has been so far!

So how did we get here and who is ‘we’?..

My Mum and Dad, my brothers and I have always been apart of our Family Business which my Dad set up almost a decade ago. We were always looking at ways to improve and build his business and after months of meetings and discussions we decided one day to purchase another Company.

Prior to this decision I had set up a sister company to provide reception and contract flower displays to buildings all over Essex and Suffolk. I began my journey at Covent Garden Flower Academy and built up my floristry skills through wedding work, gift bouquets and continuing to build my portfolio.

Myrtle and Mint was not the first business we looked into, but after even more discussions, we took the leap. And what a leap it was! There has been lots of tears, both of joy and pure stress, but I have loved every minute of it and cannot wait to see what the future at Myrtle and Mint Flowers Ltd has to offer.

Meet the team…

Charlotte (Me) – The owner of Myrtle and Mint Flowers Ltd, the one that replies to your emails and messages, the one that orders the flowers, the one that discusses and creates your wedding flowers and the one that does all that boring admin stuff!

Nikki (My Mum) – A truly inspirational women purely for the fact that she puts up with me and my stress. The one that helps out in the shop, deliveres your bouquets, speaks to you on the phone and most importantly looks after me!

Danny (My Dad) – An absolute Legend who has always been there and supported me in this adventure. The one that carries all the heavy boxes, the one that is up early with me to set up weddings and wedding fairs and most importantly, the one that feeds me when im too busy to consider eating!

Karen (My Flower Mum) – The one that deals with customers when I am just too tired, stressed or busy to form sentences and the one that creates beautiful bouquets and of course makes a great cuppa!

This business has become my life. I wake up every morning wondering what the day will bring; the customers that will walk through the door; the unusally exciting questions we will get asked. I fall asleep every night with plans for the next day and that whole week; I wake up in the middle of the night remembering jobs that need to be done and that I’ve forgotten to order flowers.

I am so very grateful for the support I have had from my team but most of all, from you, the customers to our little independent business. No one likes change, I understand that, so for the customers that put up with me while I was learning the Myrtle way, I am truly thankful for. Those customers that have stuck by us and continue to spend money with us and share photos and posts from us, just reminds me why I continue to build this beautiful company.

Here’s to the next three years… !!!!